At Wright we deliver a robust and innovative approach to audit and assurance. We recognise the primary importance of internal control over financial reporting and for this reason, our audit approach emphasises risk management, IT assurance, data analytics and financial reporting. Our key deliverables typically include reports to the audit committee on significant risks, the design and implementation of internal control over financial reporting, IT controls and IT audit reports on transactions and processes, analytical procedures designed to explain variances between actual and expected performance, reporting under International Standards on Auditing, review engagements, assurance engagements and related services.


Consulting at Wright comprises a number of like-minded professionals from various disciplines, who have organised themselves and collaborate under the Wright banner to assist clients achieve and maximise their shareholders’ value. As opposed to advisory services, where professional opinions are formulated for ultimate decision and implementation by clients in areas of niche technical expertise, consulting involves a more hands-on approach to working with clients across Namibia, to assist them in formulating improvement initiatives and to assist in their implementation. Our general approach is premised on deploying resources with an appropriate balance between demonstrable commercial experience, as well as professional expertise in adopting a structured, multi-disciplinary approach. Understanding your Needs In formulating each client’s specific value proposition, we would typically spend time answering and articulating our responses to the following key questions: 1. Client’s industry drivers What are the market factors that impact our client’s business?
2. Client’s business objectives What is our client doing to address these industry drivers? 3. Client’s operational issues What could prevent our client from achieving their business objectives? 4. Solutions How will we work together with our client to resolve their operational issues? 5. Competitors Who are the key competitors in this opportunity? What is their primary strength? What is their primary weakness? 6. References Which other clients have we helped solve similar operational issues? 7. Unique value How does our solution address our client’s needs and deliver unique value?


Running your business today is challenging. There are more distractions, more time needed to ensure compliance with regulations and less time to devote to key actions. Whether you run a Namibian or international business, outsourcing your financial and administrative functions will allow you and your staff to concentrate on what is important to the business rather than compliance and administrative functions. We provide a full range of services, whether you need to establish a new company, manage your bookkeeping, design and implement new financial processes, ensure your people are paid or comply with changing tax regulations – we will structure a solution to fulfil your requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering a world-class service, no matter where you are located.


Outsourcing your payroll will enable you to streamline your business through a restructuring of administrative processes, enabling it to run more efficiently. The payroll function has become increasingly complex, owing to changes in tax legislation and other complex labour regulations. Are you confident that you have the expertise to accurately and efficiently handle your organisation’s payroll? Wright offers the following standard services: Processing of salaries and wages, including preparation of payslips Reconciliation of all company and other deductions Compiling of all salary-related reports Making of statutory and sundry payments such as ROR, SSC, medical aid, VET levy and provident fund Submitting of statutory SSC data to the Commissioner Payment of salaries/wages directly into employees’ bank accounts Preparation and distribution of PAYE certificates Administration of leave Processing of overtime, loans, bonus schedules, advances, travel claims, retrenchments and director fees Processing and administering of changes (such as banking details) in respect of individual employees
Benefits of outsourcing: Time spent capturing payroll data is eliminated PAYE processes and administration are taken care of You have access to our specialist knowledge of current tax legislation Your sensitive/confidential data is secure from employees ROR administration and liaison are done for you A dedicated person will handle all queries from your administration Stationery and software costs and annual licensing fees are reduced Data is stored securely and is subject to thorough back-up procedures Productivity is all-important to an organisation’s survival. This entails using available manpower to the very best advantage, to get the most mileage per Dollar spent. The Wright specialist payroll team will free up your staff to focus on your core business. Outsourcing is a good long-term investment that, over time, will pay for itself. Opting not to outsource your payroll function, means you could run the risk of penalties being imposed due to non-compliance. The logical conclusion is to outsource your payroll function to the highly professional team at Wright. Our dedicated team provides a pool of expertise with whom you can consult when needed. This will leave you and your staff free to concentrate on servicing your clients and all your stakeholders.


The management of risk and implementation of robust corporate governance has become an increasingly important aspect of global business. Many companies are required by law, regulations or stakeholders to adopt governance processes and procedures, but even more, choose to do so as part of a successful business strategy. Our Governance, risk & assurance group offers a range of services designed to support boards in maintaining robust governance and assurance frameworks and managing risks effectively. We work with businesses in all sectors, advising on their governance structures, providing comfort on their control environments and helping to embed transparency and accountability. Our governance, risk and assurance services can be split into five areas: corporate governance, premium assurance, internal audit, IT assurance & risk management.


The relationship between Wright and the individuals we act for is unique. We are known not only for technical quality, but also for the long-term relationships we build with clients, which facilitates a deep understanding of their issues and objectives. As a result, we are able to offer all round tax and wealth management solutions which meet the objectives of our clients and their families. Wright offers integrated and all-round advice on tax, trust and estate planning and wealth management. We can help you and your family to reduce your tax burden and ensure you establish the appropriate structures to safeguard, maintain, invest and pass down your wealth.


From early stage entrepreneurs, to complex international groups, our clients are ambitious and successful. Providing intelligent, common sense solutions, we partner our clients in achieving their goals. We provide a range of local and international tax services and advice, including: Corporate and personal tax-compliance Corporate and personal tax planning Consultancy and structuring Trust and estate planning Employer solutions, including payroll and remuneration planning Tax investigations support


Tax investigations and dealing with ROR can be extremely stressful, time-consuming and disruptive. Wright has an expert tax investigation team with extensive experience in handling ROR enquiries, investigations and disputes. Our approach is designed to ease the process and reach the best possible outcome for all of our clients, whilst always complying with tax legislation. For more information, please contact us. VAT VAT is a complex tax which affects most businesses and organisations. Whether it’s completing and submitting quarterly VAT returns or considering the implications of specific transactions, getting it wrong can be a costly mistake. Our sector experts know enough about your business to anticipate risks and opportunities.
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